ICT Solutions provider based in Gauteng, South Africa · info@ekse.io

We're an experienced group leveraging our knowledge and experience in ICT to provide robust solutions to your business needs.


Who Is Ekse?

We're an innovation engineering organisation created to disrupt traditional ICT Solutions Providers. We're the brain child of a group young aspiring individuals that had their hearts and minds firmly entrenched in reshaping the worlds view on the Role of the private sector in growth of Information and Communications Technology.

Why Ekse?

Innovative Solutions

Every one you speak to claims to be innovative but how creative are they really?We think out the box and find ways to reach solutions others don't think of.

The Host with the Most

With us no customer is too small or too large. We do things differently and it shows, that’s why we believe we provide the best value for money hosting in Africa.

First Time Right

Searching for a solutions provider with excellent after purchase service? Now imagine if it was done correctly from the beginning. Cut out the need for endless tickets and support calls with us.

Full Disclosure

We believe in building a trust-based relationship with our clients. We will recommend ways in which you can save time or money because we look at the bigger picture.


Bespoke Development

Design and creation of a software solution which is specially developed to meet your requirements.

Corporate Identity

Creation of an identity for your business to differentiate you from your competitors.


Design of off the shelf or custom designed content. Business Cards, Flyers, Logos, Motion Graphics etc. are just examples of the type of design work we do.

Domains and Hosting

Domain Registration and Hosting of your Email, Website, or Apps. We also provide a complete management service whereby we maintain your infrastucture and provide support to your business thus allowing you to manage your overheads and focus on your business objectives.

Web Development

Modification of off the shelf or custom designed websites. We also provide maintenance to existing websites

Our Process

How We Approach Your Requirements

With many of the solutions we provide and the requirements our clients have we generally provide 2 options to our clients to cater to their needs and each one generally has pros and cons that need to be taken into account.

Option 1, Off The Shelf:

In many cases there is a likelyhood that someone has already created something that fulfills the need your business has. For example instead of hosting a web server on premises, these days it makes more sense to host through a hosting provider instead. Pros: Saves time and money. Cons: Inflexible and has the possiblity to not be unique.

Option 2, Bespoke Solutions:

In some cases your requirements are unique or exceed the limitations an Off The Shelf solution may provide. Pros: Caters more to unique requirements. Cons: Possibly more costly and more time consuming to implement and has the likelyhood of increasing business overheads.


Programming Languages & Tools We Use

  • Angular, React, Vue
  • .Net, Java, JavaScript
  • Firebase, MongoDB, Redis
  • Git
  • Docker, AWS
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

Methodologies We Practice

  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Test Driven Development
  • Dont Repeat Yourself